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Our Offers

We offer constellations in two formats - on Tuesdays (evening) and on Sundays (day workshop):



Next date: 25. Juni 2024
18:30 - 21:30 h


Next date: 23. Juni 2024
11:00 - 18:00 h

For your constellation: Standard price 220 € / Peaceroom members* 180 € / Low earners 120 €

For representatives: Tuesday evening 15 € / Sunday workshop 35 €. For your own constellation you can bring representatives for free.


Being a representative is a good way to get to know constellation work. Often representatives also experience valuable insights into their own issues, sometimes also leaps in development. Putting oneself in a role and service of another person is an act of help and brings one's own beneficial energies into flow!


Location: „Hypnos“ Zentrum für Hypnose
Friedrichstr. 132 (Entrance Reinhardtstr. 1)
10117 Berlin, Maps


Contact: 0173-615 29 25


Membership of the Peaceroom Institute i.G.: The non-profit association is currently in the process of being founded. Until it is completed, a monthly donation can be made instead. This supports and enables our free Peaceroom Circles.


Dr. Solomon A. Gutjahr & Sabine Vonberg

"For me being able to see the dynamic interdependencies in systems is a gift for us, the steps towards growth are our own effort, spontaneous healing for me is grace - and everything begins with your decision and the willingness to accept the principles of life, the divine order of love! Then wonderful forces support us."

Dr. Solomon A. Gutjahr


"I make myself available to dive deep into the structures and thus bring out the actual origin of the respective constellation theme, making it visible and tangible.

In the teamwork with Solomon, I am the female part of divine devotion and love and I receive important messages for resolution and healing for the respective constellation. That which is allowed to rise from the depths, the unconscious, from the dark into the light, can be transformed."

Sabine Vonberg


In principle, all your topics can be dealt with in this workshop, for example:

  • Family issues - also involving the deceased
  • Relationships and partnerships - flow of love, sexuality, polyamory, break-ups
  • Questions of reorientation, orientation in life
  • Neighborhood conflicts, e.g. in house and apartment communities
  • Business issues with colleagues, superiors, in departments
  • Conflicts in the club, with friends
  • Inner decision-making conflicts
  • Symptom constellations, e.g. burnout situations, illnesses
  • Spiritual and philosophical topics and questions

Organizational information

For cancellations

If there is a substitute participant, the participation fee will be refunded with a deduction of a cancellation fee of 30 €. If there is no substitute participant, there will be no refund, but there will be an alternative date and/or participation with the chance of a constellation if space becomes available.


Please bring along your own food, we will provide water and tea.
On Sundays we will have a short lunch break. There are many lunch options nearby - from take-away food to restaurants.

Please bring comfortable socks.


Preparation and follow-up

When you register, we offer a short telephone call to clarify your wishes. After the constellation, there will be a 15-minute feedback telephone call during the following week and, if necessary, further support.

* Special advantage: for further personal growth, constellation participants can then take part in Peaceroom Circles. The offers and dates as well as contact persons can be found HERE.

Feedback from participants

  • harmonious, informal and professional
  • wonderful atmosphere
  • there is a lot of light in shadow themes
  • Loving, empathetic, sensitive and attentive guidance - which makes you feel very well looked after and seen
  • A blessed space with great depth
  • Peace healing space of love


Your registration is valid after our confirmation via e-mail / WhatsApp / Telegram.
Your constellation is validly registered after a payment of 50 € deposit via PayPal or bank transfer (you will receive the details in the confirmation).
Representatives need a registration as well (without deposit payment).

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