World Peace Lab

Course Sessions Content

Pre-Course Introduction

July 14th and July 17th 2024, 18:00-19:00, free online event via Zoom (please register to receive the Zoom link)

We will explain the purpose of the journey and the process, as well as the main principles and used methods, so you would be able to make a decision about the course participation.

Leading Questions:

  • Which burning desire is driving me?
  • What makes the space safe for me?
  • How are we building the safe container?
  • Does the designed process make sense to me und do I find it adequate for me?
  • What is my benefit of the participation?
  • Am I willing and able to participate in the whole process?
  • What methods are we using?

Session #1: The Deep Dive

Sunday, July 21th 2024, 18:30 - 21:30, via Zoom

Diving into the shadow & light of war & peace

Positive and negative perspective: where is the unrevealed light

Leading Questions:

  • How do we/I define war or conflict?
  • What is my personal experience with war? How am I concerned, triggered?
  • What am I grieving about?
  • What am I aware of – what is in the DNA of my family system & history connected to war?
  • Which impressions are most vivid in me - fotos, documentaries, narratives? 
  • How do I look into the eye of the suffering and pain?
  • Is there something like a justified war, a “good” war?
  • Are there any “principles of life” or “divine forces” at play?
  • Are there any specific systemic principles at play during war, which are different to times of peace?
  • Is there such thing as a divine purpose in trauma, like an awakening mechanism?
  • Are there any karmic perspectives to reveal?
  • How do I experience war if I believe or do not believe in something divine, God or higher intelligence?
  • Why is there a war?

Session #2: In the “Paradigm of Victim & Perpetrator”

Sunday, July 28th 2024, 18:30 - 21:30, via Zoom

Is the victim & perpetrator perspective or narrative helpful for coming to peace?

Which are the principles & conditions that help me to find peace within?

Leading Questions:

  • What is of concern to me? What do I consider to be my responsibility as an individual or civilian?
  • What behaviour, action or non-action of mine would be in alignment of my personal values and beliefs?
  • Which tensions arise in my body-mind-system when I am triggered? What are my preferred answers to triggers – fight, flight, freeze, numbness? What works best for me so far?
  • What Do I want to scream out?
  • What releases or changes my tensions? How can I regulate my nervous system, what works for me? 
  • What other interventions are important for me? How can I use circles, or -one-on-one meetings – online and in person - for releasing tensions?
  • What do I love on this earth? 
  • What am I grateful for?
  • How can I enter into a space of healing – individually or collectively? How can I/we contribute to share techniques, methods, circles or personal talent with others in need?
  • Is there such thing like “karma” and “balance in the universe” as principles at play – also over multiple life spans, or ancestral family ties? 
  • Which are the principles & conditions for us to manifest peace outside?
  • Does ancestral trauma play out in you individually and collectively?

Session #3: Understanding Human Social Systems by Constellation

Sunday, August 4th 2024, live workshop with constellation
11:00 – 17:00 in Berlin City

The larger picture: Heaven & Hell on Earth

Questions & Answers to Humanity – the individual & the collective perspective made visible

Perspectives of Tribes & Nations

Hypothesis: we are very quick to judge and criticize behaviours of others, although it is hard - if not even impossible - to know how someone feels who is part of a system which is at war. There are different laws and principles at play which cannot be assessed with general moral judgment. Yet we experience individual emotions based on our values, our own experience and the DNA engraved in our body from our ancestors.


Leading Questions: 

  • How is your personal narrative, if you, your tribe or nation is not directly involved in war and you are observing. 
  • Is it possible to be compassionate while not being heard or your pain and suffering being acknowledged? 
  • Can we switch perspectives while experiencing feelings of guilt, shame or anger?
  • What are the constraints and opportunities of transforming energies within us and in the informational field?

In a constellation you are able to directly feel the impact on your nervous system, on the perception of realities, on the ability to listen to another perspective while being triggered. We will explore chances of healing and regaining balance and order.

Session #4: Integration: Seeds of hope, Messages to the World

Sunday, August 11th 2024, 18:30 - 21:30, via Zoom

“Finding Peace” – what’s your story, narrative…how did you find peace?

A light for me in the deepest darkness? Where are trauma cracks opening "to let the light come in" (like in a song from Leonhard Cohen)?


Leading Questions:

  • When do I feel free? 
  • What is life demanding from me/us? 
  • Beyond rational answers – what worked: prayers, songs & dance…holy scriptures…?” “positive” virus of consciousness, love & peace
  • Do I have a miracle story to share?
  • How can I/we spread the messages from the course?