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Our Vision

Why are we doing this explorative journey?

Words from the initiators
Dr. Solomon A. Gutjahr & Nagham Sleiman

Peaceworkers Nagham Sleiman and Dr. Solomon A. Gutjahr have been facilitating Peaceroom Circles together for more than 2 years focusing on topics around “feeling home”, identity and resilience for people living in two or more cultures and languages. 

Dr. Solomon Gutjahr is a German born Jew coming from a scientific background and holds a PhD in Economic Sciences. He has been training and coaching leaders in the business world and facilitating cultural change and governance in organisations for 25 years. He has been active in facilitating circles for more than two decades dealing with the healing of the Holocaust - including a Dan Bar-On- Group for children of victims and perpetrators. He is using a diverse range of methods amongst them Transparent Communication, Constellation Work, Transactional Analysis, S.E. Trauma-Release Techniques, The 12-Step-Program and Storytelling in holding space in circles. He also names Thích Nhat Hanh as a great source of inspiration - and Spiritual Teacher Thomas Hübl, Mediator William Ury and Kabbalist Rav Ashlag. More about Solomon...

People from Israel have been asking me again and again how I could live in the country that killed my ancestors in Auschwitz? Some people ask me how my mother and grandmother survived? People from Israel ask me if I feel safe today and if I feel welcomed as a Jew in Germany? Some people in Germany wonder if me and my family are still angry or feel a need for restitution? To be honest, for more than 50 years I used to feel lots of pain, sadness, anger, shame, suppressed, unacknowledged, righteous and victimized. This made me lose self-esteem and power! I behaved passive-aggressively. I felt numbed by ancestral trauma! 


Today I feel liberated, rich, grateful, blessed, empowered and full of love! I flipped the coin - what happened?

A near death experience changed my life for the good. I had the choice to leave this life behind - or to accept the challenge of turning victim-hood into unconditional responsibility! In this mystic moment I felt my love for planet earth and for humanity! Outside of my body I was able to see the beauty of life in all its forms and the realize the sacredness of life! I was able to see the good and the bad in myself and in us humans – from Beethovens Ninth Symphony to the genocide in Auschwitz, and I realized that this capacity is all in me – and in all human beings. In this moment I came to peace – and a few weeks later I was able to forgive and pray for whole humanity to forgive…


Today I team up with my friend, my companion from Israel Palestine and other peaceworkers to hold space and lead through processes to come to the realization of peace – peace within and subsequently to peace around us! Not just in Israel-Palestine…also in Ukraine, in Syria, in Ruanda, and so forth…For me this is not just a war of regions or tribes…or nations, it is a war against our Egos, mirrored by autocrats or political parties, corrupt governments… fought by the whole of humanity against our shadows! 


How can we open up to learn new ways of governance ? It seems that there is also a need for at least an update of democracy in our society, a leap in the way organisations are governed, and how multinational initiatives like Europe are organised for sustaining peace, good collaboration and welfare. We have so many areas of crisis like climate, migration, hunger, health, to include in our efforts of developing humanity to its next level – or is it maybe even already about survival? I don’t know.


My Palestinian companion and myself - belonging to the Jewish tribe – we are having a very strong motivation facing the pain and suffering amongst our people. The escalation of conflict in Israel/Palestina belongs to the whole of humanity and poses a challenge for the United Nations to correct past unsuccessful efforts to create peace and justice to all members. It is a focal point that calls us to raise consciousness for a practice of transforming trauma and healing historical DNA by training new abilities, developing higher cultural intelligence, to practically learn to reveal truth in the face of lies in ways to transform hatred to love, to liberate us from the dark side of our “Ego”. The “Ego” meaning that part of us who thinks always the others are wrong and there is only my truth…


What can we do? We designed a four weeks course to explore ways to step out of the story of our Ego, to open the possibility of new narratives which serve love and abundance – and not hatred and scarcity!

So this is the journey we invite you to join!


Nagham Sleiman is a professional in the Health Care Industry and has worked in Hospitals in Israel and Germany as a nurse. She has a whole world perspective through travelling the world for a couple of years with her partner holding circles and being a peace ambassador. She is inspired by the peacework of Thích Nhat Hanh and follows buddhist practice. Nagham speaks several languages including Arab, Hebrew, English, German and Finnish. 

My name is Nagham Sleiman. I was born and raised as a Palestinian in Nazareth. All of my life I have asked myself why did I choose to be born specifically in the holy land as a Palestinian. What does my soul need to learn and experience?


With the years , growing up, my identity was not clear, I had to go through a process to reconnect and learn about my peoples history, stories and heritage as our own history was denied to us Palestinians under the Israeli government. We are not free to determine our own identity, culture and life. Despite all of that, my sense of freedom - what my soul simply knew - was bigger than any restriction. I have left the holy land as it was very limiting to me. And yet, now with the current war and catastrophes, I find myself again going through my identity, the limitations and the freedom that my soul and my people have been yearning for years. The suffering that my people are going through is beyond description. And here, I’m standing next to my friend Shlomo asking our souls, why? Why is that happening again? Why war is still needed in our world today? What is life demanding from us now, to understand, to see to change? 


For me it is very obvious that this war is the outcome of the old system and a big shift in consciousness is needed from us as mankind. Therefore, me and Solomon invite you to explore with us the war and peace within us. Through our individual bodies, soul and mind experiences into the collective. An invitation to dive deep into our wounds, heal and raise to a new earth.